Client Representation

The BSM Group represents upwards of 40 of the nations top sporting and media personalities, ranging from new talent coming up through the ranks, to household sporting and media names at the pinnacle of their respective professions. Ireland boasts a wealth of talent when it comes to sport and media and BSMG has positioned itself to offer our portfolio of clients the very best suite of professional management services to ensure that our clients need not worry about their present and future.

Identifying and Managing New Talent

BSMG is always looking to the future, to the new talent emerging into the professional arena. We provide a management service built on experience that helps support and inform new talent at the beginning of their professional careers.

Career Management

While our sports stars and media personalities are focused on being the very best at what they do, we provide the reassurance that they are availing of the very best financial opportunities both during their sporting and media careers and afterwards into retirement. Our professional team of advisors helps guide our clients through the transition into retirement. We provide comprehensive financial planning and business planning advice that ensures our clients are well equipped for the future.

Brand You

BSMG recognises that our clients are a brand in themselves. As leaders in their respective disciplines they are firmly in the public eye and the professional team at BSMG both advises and develops opportunities for our clients to help maximize the return for their brand.

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