• James Waldron joins BSMG

    BSMG is extremely excited to announce that James Waldron has joined the BSMG team.

    James comes to BSMG with 30 years experience in schoolboy football, helping lift Lourdes Celtic to become one of the most progressive clubs in Ireland. The last twelve years Jim has been the Liverpool football club representative in Ireland. In his role he had to identify elite players for Liverpool football club. He was part of negotiations and assisted and advised parents and clubs when needed. He has been a successful coach winning many national titles and coaching many players who progressed to professional and international level.

    Jim managed the Dublin district schoolboy representative team to a tournament to Johannesburg South Africa 2010. He has advised players and their parents of the positives and the negatives a young professional player faces when taking up a football career abroad. He is recognised throughout the football fraternity as upfront and honest. He has also acted as a negotiator in various sections of his business career.