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The BSM Group is a pioneering management agency that is leading the field in offering specialists to protect, preserve and promote our sporting talent.

Based on the values of honesty and integrity our goal is ensuring that the sports talent we represent are not only protected when starting a new career in professional sport, but also throughout the duration of their careers and beyond into their post retirement lives.

The careers of sports professionals are different. A totally bespoke approach is required.

Our specialist team of legal, career, financial, business planning and sponsorship experts ensure our sporting talent have access to truly independent, qualified specialists to protect, preserve and promote their career and financial future.

Contract Negotiation

As one of Ireland’s top sports managers, with proven negotiation skills within the field of contracts, image and broadcasting rights, John Baker is at the fulcrum of Irish sports management. John’s wealth of over 25 years’ experience as a participant, administrator and keen sports observer has earned him a World class reputation.

John has successfully negotiated and secured contracts for his vast range of personalities, sport stars and athletes – all equally valued clients. This knowledge ensures that BSMG offers unparalleled experience and skill for to meet all of your needs.

Performance Management

As part of BSMG’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality services to clients a new dimension has been incorporated through performance management.

Performance Planning
Lifestyle Management
Injury Management
Stress Management

Client Welfare

BSMG is dedicated to offering the highest quality service to each of its clients, catering and tailoring the necessary service to each individuals needs. We ensure the best short and long term career management advice, which allows clients to continue performing within their own field of expertise and do what they do best.

Legal Advice
Image Rights
Media & Boradcast Rights
Tax Advice


In today’s world everyone will, most likely require a Solicitor at some point in their lives. BSMG strives to promote and develop lasting relationships with all of our clients. As well as working in collaboration with John Baker on Athlete agency issues, our legal team, led by Nap Keeling, also acts and advises our Clients in all legal matters both during and after their playing days are over. Nap is a practicing barrister with 10 years experience of advising generally on contractual matters and commercial litigation in particular and brings a wealth of experience to support all BSMG clients and interests.

Sponsorship Consultancy

BSMG recognises the importance of its clients relationship with products, brands and the developing of partnerships. A commitment to providing ‘excellence of service’ is what Baker Sports Management prides itself on through attention to detail, personal service which ultimately conclude with results over and above the contracted agreement.

BSMG have aligned with internationally recognised experts in the fields of Event and Venue Sponsorship and have worked on landmark projects like the utilisation of naming rights in some of the best known stadia and locations in the World.

Financial Coaching

The BSM Group treats all of our clients as family. Like all family members we endeavor to give them the best coaching and education that we possible can. It is with this goal in mind that BSMG have engaged Mr. Liam Croke as a financial coach for our clients. Well known as one of Ireland most prominent financial experts, Liam will give you the best possible advice and guidance to clients to allow them to best deal with their money and know what is happening and when at all times.

Career Coaching

BSMG, being one of the longest established sports management companies in Ireland, are uniquely aware of the sometimes precarious nature of professional sport. We know that the threat of injuries and retirement are constant worries for the professionals that we deal with. In line with our firm commitment to caring for our clients throughout their professional careers, BSMG are delighted to have Mr. John Fitzgerald on board to offer strategic career coaching. Meeting with John prior to the cessation of your playing days will allow you to identify your future career aspirations, guidance towards the best way of achieving those aspirations, development of the skills required towards achieving your goals, the development of these goals and the smooth transition of careers for you. With John’s advice and coaching the BSM Group will prepare you for the task of career development and help to educate you so as not to face the daunting task of starting a new career.

Commerical Activities

BSMG aims maximise the commercial potential of the client, by our unique and studied approach to matching our clients to the right companies to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

BSMG has also assisted some of Ireland’s foremost athletes in the production of their Autobiographies and with the organisation of their testimonials events. We use our skill and experience to make is as smooth and successful as possible.

Publishing Contract Negotiations

BSMG has established itself as an expert in sourcing and negotiating publishing contracts for our high profile Sports and Media Clients.

At BSMG we believe that our clients have an inspiring storing to tell and we actively seek to provide a forum for that story to be told. To date we have successfully managed publishing contracts for

– Eddie O’Sullivan
– Anthony Foley
– Bernard Jackman
– Alan Quinlan
– Paul O’Connell
– John Hayes
– Patrick ‘Rala’ O’Reilly

Sponsorship, Naming and TV Rights

At BSMG we work closely with The World Leaders in Property representation including naming rights and Cornerstone representation.

Our aim is to recognise and align the highest profile sponsorship opportunities in sports to the leading brands. BSM partner’s have worked on some of the worlds landmark cornerstone partnerships including working on the naming rights of numerous house hold name venues.

BSM also has significant expertise in the negotiation and implementation of TV naming rights for events, as well as the procurement of suitable sponsorship partners.

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