The BSMG Team

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Expert Groups

Expert Group Selected: -

The BSMG Management Team for our clients are

John Baker
Karl Hogan
Peter Gaw
Liam Croke
John Fitzgerald
Brian Wallace
Paul Dempsey
Maeve Moriarty
Carol Murphy


Keith Earls
Donncha O’Callaghan
Peter Stringer
Jason Holland
Matt Williams
Paddy Butler
Tommy O’Donnell
Cian Curley
Kevin O’Brien
Brian Cody
Bernard Jackman
Shane Jennings
Jamie Hagan
Vasily Artemyev
Luke O’Dea
Sean Scanlon
Sean Henry
Ruaidhri Murphy
Andrei Ostrikov
Eoghan Grace
Mick Kearney
Alan Cotter
Cathal Sheridan
Ross Jones
Eamonn Sheridan
Brian Hayes
Tom Sexton
Ben Marshall
Jack O’Connell
Darren Hudson
Nicole Coffey
Shane Layden
Dmitri Arhip
Ross Wardle
Conor Joyce
Marc Thomas
Seán Doyle
Steve Crosbie
James Hart
Duncan Casey
Jack Conan
Michael Bent
Ben Woods
Ruairi Cushion
Sarah Lavin
Jack McGrath
Mike Prendergast
Niamh Briggs
Peter Stringer extends his contract with Sale Sharks for another year